All profits from the sales of Milton’s Own products go towards
the Bob Chitester Memorial at Milton and Rose Friedman’s CAPITAF.

Milton’s Own Maple Products are made in Vermont

Since before Europeans settled in the colonies, maple sugar has been a part of American history. Sugaring is common throughout New England and, in our case, much of Vermont. Vermont is a popular destination for sightseeing autumn foliage. Much of its bright foliage belongs to the sugar maple. The sugar maple is Vermont’s state tree and the source of its famous maple syrup. From the settlers’ first sap taps centuries ago to Milton Friedman tapping his maples to commercial sugarhouses there today, harvesting maple syrup is woven into Vermont’s history.


Welcome to Milton’s Own. Here you can find maple syrup, maple sugar, and a great selection of maple sugar spice and herb blends. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.