All profits from Milton’s Own Maple Sugar products support efforts to keep Milton’s legacy alive — now and in the future

In keeping with our purpose to use Capitaf to perpetuate Milton Friedman’s legacy, we have already had very successful seminars and workshops with participants from major national colleges.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, we met with the Economics 70 class from Dartmouth College for two-hour sessions discussing Friedman’s perspective on economic development. There are plans to continue these discussions on annual basis.

Our inaugural residential colloquium in August 2017 was an overwhelming success. Ten University of Arkansas students spent three days discussing Capitalism and Freedom. They had boundless praise for the experience. A PhD candidate, Jessica Darby, reflected their overall response when she wrote, “Of the many opportunities I have been afforded, I can easily say that Capitaf has been the best one yet. I am a better person and scholar because of the learnings you shared.”

Why Milton’s Own™ Maple Sugar

Shortly after moving into Capitaf, Milton did what many Vermonters do. He had to try his hand at making maple syrup.

Rose wrote about the adventure in their memoirs, Two Lucky People. “…Milton was inspired to tap a couple of our own sugar maples. My recollection of the experience is that the amount of sap we managed to collect always boiled away before it got to the syrup stage. This was not surprising when we learned that it took thirty to fifty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.”

Every penny of the profits from sales of Milton’s Own Maple Sugar will be used to keep alive Milton Friedman’s winning ideas for achieving and maintaining a society committed to individual freedom and the resulting human well-being.


This is Capitaf, Milton and Rose Friedman’s summer home in Fairlee, VT.

More than any other individual in the 20th Century, Milton Friedman put forth carefully thought through proposals for the application of the economic way of thinking and classical liberal ideals to public policy issues.

Our intent is to use Capitaf to perpetuate Milton Friedman’s legacy — to create a one-of-a-kind space for discussion and contemplation on the practical application of Friedman’s ideas to the many public policy issues that citizens in a free society must grapple with on a daily basis.

Capitaf gives us a facility ideally suited for creative brainstorming, scholarly debate, quiet contemplation, or intellectual collaboration. It offers an opportunity to leverage our primary activity of reaching students in the classroom, providing an outlet for those in whom our videos have ignited the desire to dig deeply into the winning ideas of freedom.

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